Commercial terminals(POS)

POS (Point Of Sale) is one of the gateways of electronic payment. This is a physical gateway and payment needs presence of customer. Therefore a device must be installed in the shop through which the customers can pay.

Taking advantage of the benefits of electronic payments
through POS All proceeds from the sale of goods and commodities, directly connected to the deposit account. As a result, the common problems of cash in this way will be removed.

Ease of supply
Nowadays the point of sale is free of charge and after a short time of submission of the request, point of sale is installed at the store.

Ease of use
point of sale terminals are easy to use, and different people can take advantage of it after a short training.

Common POS
now the majority of citizens has accelerated Bashnd.lza bank card connected to a high number of visitors to your store, are willing to pay for goods via POS.

Variety of products and services
Nowadays POSs have a large variety in terms of Connection and features. Now according to your request, all types of fixed or mobile terminals can be installed with different capabilities, such as:

  • connectivity and integration with cash register software store,
  • Ability to provide online services to connect to the center and getting information from the server, such as currency and gold price
  • offline payments and discount service to take advantage of the company service operating in this field

  • call or a going to the Shahrtech offices or representatives across the country
  • call or go to City bank branches
  • Registration in the site


  1. Having an account number in the City bank
  2. Copy of birth certificate
  3. Copy the identity card
  4. Copy business license or proof of ownership or lease business
  5. Copy the ZIP code of the store bills (phone bill, etc.)

Legal entities:

  1. Having an account number in the city bank
  2. Copy of birth certificate and national ID card of an individual determined by the Company
  3. Copy the ad company founded in Official Gazette
  4. Copy the economic card

Features of Shahrtech POS

Sale terminals of City Bank with many capabilities and attractive and different shape will diverse your business environment.

Beautiful and unique appearance

In terms of appearance, these devices are red and have a remarkable design and appearance. The visual appeal with color and touch display attracts customers' attention when they visit the stores and are willing to do transaction through the terminal.

create other value-added services such as local discount services and charge cards

The software is highly flexible that terminals can be customized for specific customers

Types of Shahrtech company terminals (according to the communication infrastructure)

Types of fixed and mobile terminals of City bank due to the nature of the business and the needs of customers as well as communication infrastructure in the store, are available. In this regard, the following types of terminals can be named

Dial up Terminals

(fixed - connected to a telephone line)

Lan Terminals

fixed - connected

GPRS Terminal

Mobile - connection via SIM

WiFi Terminals

Mobile - connected

Technical and hardware capabilities of City bank sales terminals (POS)

  •  CPU: 32-bit ARM11
  •  Memory: 128 MB Flash, 64 MB SD RAM
  •  Display: 320 x 240 3.5-inch, TFT pixel, backlit color touch screen
  •  Water resistant, dust-proof
  •  printer with speeds of 16 lines per second, the standard paper rolls
  •  magnetic card reader: bi-directional Track 1/2/3
  •  Contact Card Reader: Smart card reader EMV, ISO7816
  •  non-contact card reader: ISO14443 Type 13.56, A / B MHz
  •  magazine are: SIM 1, SIM 3 (optional)
  •  Battery: 1500 mAh (optional)

Features of Sahrtech point-of-sale (POS):
  •  high speed and accuracy in processing transactions
  •  High security key management and transaction processing (supports standard PCI PED v3.0)
  •  supports a variety of cards, magnetic, smart contact and contactless
  •  Communication Platform supports all types of WLAN, LAN, GPRS, PSTN
  •  Ability to connect an external keyboard
  •  Ability to connect to the Bar Code Reader
  •  Ability to buy and pay online
  •  Ability to purchase mobile charge and mobile instant charge
  •  Ability to pay different bills
  •  confirm receipt of inventory and invoicing buyer and seller
  •  Ability to change the device password, seller password
  •  Ability to reprinted transaction
  •  Ability to get daily reports
  •  Ability to get report in a certain timeframe
  •  Ability to get Shift report
  •  Ability to purchase and recharge Citypay card (wallet):PoS of city bank can accept and charge Citypay card if the required software is installed
  •   Ability to connect to accounting Software (the PC-POS): View all purchases and automatic transmission on the sales terminal which will increase the accuracy and speed of transaction and the possibility of mistakes when entering the digit by the operator or the customer will be lost with this capability.
  •  Perform clearing and deposit transactions to customers’ accounts in the shortest time (7 times a day according to time cycles of Shaparak)
  •  Deposit transactions to customers’ accounts Distinctly in order to enhance the traceability of transactions
  •   Quick Installation : After the registration request from the customer the terminal will be installed within a week.
  •   Periodic visits:each installed point of sale will be visited and supported by technicians in a regular periodic visit and if there is a need it will be supplied by the technician. Such as required Roll for POS.
  •   Case Visit: if the terminal faced a problem during the period, then call the number provided on the POS and printed on the ticket terminal, and the experts will solve it in less than 24 hours, according to the problem.
  •   24 * 7 call center: City bank call center is registering and pursuing the problems throughout the day based on management standards.

Introducing PC-POS

Management and accounting of payments through terminals store cashiers and store owners is one of their concerns. Shahrtech Company as one of the active companies in the field of electronic payments has chosen one of its strategy as providing various solutions in this area. Therefore put organized efforts, integrating POS software with sales and accounting software of stores, in the agenda.

By integrating POS software with store sales software amounts of goods sold and also approval of its receipt along with transaction information will be recorded in the this method there is no need in enter the price digit in the device and after registering sold good in sale software the amount will be transmitted to POS directly.

In the end just swiping the card and entering the password for the payment is sufficient.

Now City bank POS is capable of connecting to the following software