Mobile Payments Gateway (USSD)

The mobile application has many differences than in the past. If you already have your cell phone just for talk, we can now provide you with new functionality of mobile banking surprises.
  •  You no longer have to go kiosks and shops to buy your SIM card charge. Even you don’t have to keep some SIM card charge in your pockets and bags for your rainy day. With mobile payment gateway, you are always available.
  •  To pay your bills you no longer have to go to the ATM and pay your bills. With mobile payment gateway everything is available.
  •  The number of purchase tickets and maintain and calculate their sums are not distracting anymore. Everything is available on your mobile.
  •  Through the Mobile Payments Gateway pay, charge and be up to date with your mobile phone.

USSD is a method of transmitting data through mobile networks that can be used on all mobile phones. Through this method, data can be sent and received from the mobile phone to center.

Now this method as one of the banking tools is used by banks to perform the following duties:

  • See balance of accounts related to Shaparak cards
  • pay a variety of bills
  • buy charge cards
  • payment of the purchase
  • other payment services such as charity payments

In order to send information via this method, you should dial the code specified by the service provider in your mobile phone and send it to the center. This information post is free, and you don’t have to pay for it.

Sent codes should be in the form defined by the service provider. For example, after dialing the code * 770 # on your mobile phone, you enter the options menu. Send and receive codes is designed in a way that guide the user to the destination.

Citizens for Banking:

Every citizen who has a mobile can achieve menu services by inserting a special code of USSD and actions needed to do.

POS holders to receive the amount of sale:

Product and service vendors can provide the required documents to get the USSD receptivity code. If so, the buyers of your goods, can only enter your receptivity code on their mobile USSD menu and the amount pay the amount to you. After deducting the amount from their card it wil be transferred to your account.

You're capable vendor. Always trying to satisfy your customers and want to attract the greatest number of customers to your store.

You have provided the best products for your customers to satisfy them.

We also have other options for you.

Suppose :

Your customers do not have to carry a bank card to purchase from you.

Your customers do not have to enter the password of their cards in your shop.

If installing POS is not possible in your shop, there are other means of payment.

It is not an imagination with mobile payment gateway.


  • Always available
  • No need to carry a bank card.
  • Proper speed.
  • Ability to integrate with the mobile application designed to manage the costs.
  • No need to support and no special hardware and communication infrastructure.
  • Possibility of storing different cards on the network so that when you pay the card can be selected. (Information Card is not readable and abusive)


  • City bank account
  • copy of birth certificate
  • National ID Card Copy
  • business license / lease
  • fixed phone bill
  • mobile phone bill / ownership document of the SIM card

Legal entities:

  • City bank account
  • copy of birth certificate and national ID card copy of board members or the CEO
  • the company's charter or the Official Gazette
  • fixed telephone bill
  • mobile phone bill / ownership document of the SIM card

Documents required for charity:

  • Bank Account Number City
  • License of the charity foundation
  • license from the Welfare State Organization
  • permit from the police
  • Official Gazette
  • copy of birth certificate of all members of the Management Board
  • copy of the ID card of all members of the Management Board
  • fixed phone bill
  • mobile phone bill / ownership document of the SIM card
  • Apply online registration (registration form)
  • Refer to a branch of City Bank
  • Contacts with representation and offices